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Isola Beach Bar Nissi Beach Resort (1)
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Make your stories at Isola

Extraordinarily set by the waves of Nissi Beach, Isola Lounge Bar by Nissi Beach Resort offers refreshing drinks and a delightful Mediterranean cuisine during day and night with an embracing service. Designed in harmony with the surrounding natural environment, our Isola allows you to connect to the beauty of our coastal paradise, while embarking on a journey of culinary experiences, innate sounds, and human connection.


Casual cosiness under the sun

On the top-ranked beach in Cyprus, Isola Beach Bar's handcrafted cabanas, plush wooden sunbeds, and cosy beanbags transport our guests to a music-soaked downtime experience on a golden beach stretching into the stunning blue shades of the Mediterranean Sea.


Revel in the view

Traversing over a natural stone patio hugged by golden sand, palm trees, and striking sea views, Isola Beach Bar creates memorable stories, offering a Mediterranean culinary experience and hand-crafted cocktails embraced by rhythmic music during day and night.



Taste the Mediterranean

Mediterranean inspiration will take you on a culinary adventure from home-made Med breads, to handcrafted local dips, to the flavours from the sea, to local vegetables and traditionally inspired meat dishes. All orchestrated by our talented chefs to seduce your taste buds beyond imagination.



Drinks filled with rhythm

Isola is a great place to be stranded. Our bartenders open a new world of drinks by mixing tantalising handcrafted cocktails made with premium spirits and fresh ingredients enticing discerning cocktail aficionados. Let us serve you a surprise! Sipping a drink at Isola is perfect whilst soaking up the sun and keeping the vibe flowing.

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